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First posted Aug 29, 2018
Last update Aug 23, 2019

Electric over hydraulic Brakes

In the most common trailer braking system, your brake controller sends an electrical current to electric magnets in the wheel hubs of the trailer. This magnet then rubs against a plate creating friction which pushes the brake pads against the brake shoe applying the brakes.

In electric over hydraulic brakes, your trailer brake controller sends its electrical current to a hydraulic motor in the trailer which sends pressurized hydraulic fluid to the actuator piston which clamps the brake pads down on both sides of a plate. This is the same type of braking system you have on the front wheels of your car or tow vehicle.

While more expensive, electric over hydraulic brakes can apply a much greater braking force to your trailer than basic electric brakes.

Here is an expellant page containing a full description with photos of one trailer owner's experience in converting their rig from basic electric brakes to electric over hydraulic brakes.
Electric over Hydraulic brakes (external link)